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1/1/2015 4:20:30 PM - Brian
Hey team, just an idea to help you guys get the word out about your services and invaluable resources..

Any chance Dave or someone in the higher up of EliteFTS might be open to considering a venture with Planet Fitness to offer guidance and support in exchange for promotion of the EliteFTS brand? Smarter minds than mine could hash out the details...but, think of the countless thousands, maybe millions, you could reach if you could come to an understanding of some kind?
You guys have the insight & experience - they have the corporate structure & high-visibility. Maybe you can ignore or alter "pizza mondays" in exchange for the opportunity to demonstrate that lifting big and training smart doesnt require someone to be a "meathead"?

Just an idea....

Hi Brian,

Normally I would pass a comment on to Dave or someone else of influence, but given the specific company you mentioned (and for the sake of argument I'm going to assume you are serious), I have a pretty good idea of what Dave would say.


It's not that elitefts isn't open to the idea of collaboration with the right company, it's that the company you mentioned would not be a good fit, for a multitude of reasons.

Based on their commercials, business structure, and some, if not most of the club rules, It's pretty apparent that they want to distance themselves from serious lifters/athletes/bodybuilders as much as possible.

Rather than spend our time (the single most precious commodity by the way) changing the minds of companies that want nothing to do with us or our customer base, and don't even buy our stuff, it's far more productive to support companies that share our philosophy, and build truly mutually beneficial relationships.

A company that sounds an alarm every time someone tries to deadlift 315 does not fit that profile.

Also, see this

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Dave Kirschen

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