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1/3/2015 7:01:26 AM - Bob
Nutrition Question:
I'm an intermittent faster (16 hr. fast/8 hr. feed) and train early AM, fasted. I take creatine prior to Training and BCAAs during and after (Scivation Xtend). I might have a protein shake mid morning and first meal @ 1:00 PM. My goals are leaning out a little (currently 200 lbs. at about 12% BF) while building a little muscle.
Two questions:
How can I get 200 g. of protein on 2300 kcal?
Do the BCAA count toward the protein intake?


What is the goal of your OVERALL training?

What is it you REALLY want to accomplish.

Mind you, this is YOUR answer and nothing will be made fun of, nor looked upon with anything other than this being YOUR GOAL.

Harry Selkow

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