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1/3/2015 2:39:34 PM - Lee
Looking for any thoughts or programming tips on how to incorporate "peripheral heart acton" training into a typical 4 day PL program? Set,reps ,exercise .thank you


I am assuming that you want to add this in for the conditioning/fat loss/cardio benefits.

For those reading who are not familiar, "peripheral heart action" or PHA is a system of circuit training that is brutally effective for a short time, that improves GPP, conditioning and fat loss.

It is simply performing an upper body exercise followed by a lower body exercise and a split would look something like this:

Walking Lunge-10
Barbell Row-10

You would do this with zero rest between exercises and repeat the cycle two times before resting. Rest briefly , then repeat for 2 more.

It was a WOD before those people came up with the goofy name.

What makes PHA so effective is that your heart is constantly working.
Big exercises plus big muscle groups equal big results.

When you place a huge demand on the circulatory system by screaming for blood to go to the working muscles and then switch to the other half of the body, you can see how this works.

The problem is that you adapt to it fairly quickly and it begins to lose effectiveness after a few weeks.

OK, now you know what it is.

I am going to ask you a few questions and I hope you post back so I can answer properly.

Why would you do this as a powerlifter?

What is your goal for using PHA?

Post back with the answer to the 2 questions and I'll fire off an answer that will BLOW Harry Selkow away.

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