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1/8/2015 5:36:28 PM - Lee
Thank you for the answer.
" why would you do this as a powerlifter"?
I compete 1-2x year in PL meets. Raw with wraps. I enjoy training like a PL . I like to be as strong as I can be. It helps provide tangible goals. I am comfortable with the lifts. At 55 I am injured less staying in my comfort zone, with most of my training in the 75-90 % max range .
So I enjoy lifting weights and PHA seems like a viable alternative to mix in my training off season. Thats why I would do it as a PL. I like lifting weights.
"What is my goal for using PHA"?
Several. Improved cardiovascular function ,so I dont get tired as easily. I do get 6-8 hrs sleep regularly. To improve my work capacity in training. When I compete I start strong, but after my 3rd squat attempt, I feel like I am sliding down hill. My 3rd BP is a real grind. By my DL ,I am on fumes.
I live in northern New England, so I pull a sled and do farmers walks mid April to Thanksgiving. This time of year, its mostly inside. We turn a pasty shade of grey and our vitamin D levels are near zero.
I thought PHA could help and be fun for the winter.
Thank you.


Sorry it took so long to reply.

Living in Northern NE is tough in the winter.
I'm in Boston so I get it!

PHA is not really the best approach for powerlifting, but in the "off" season it is not a bad way to get assistance work done and get some GPP/fat loss/conditioning in at the same time.

I would look at setting it up with easy on the old joint exercises while still getting your work in.

A program needs to be economical to work so you can't be running all over the gym.

Here's a quick idea on how do to one day in the same spot:

DB Rows-12
Goblet Squats-12
DB Overhead Press-12
Kettlebell/Dumbell Swing-12
Repeat 4 times/no rest.

I hope this gives you some ideas. You can throw and ab exercise in there too, like the
Ab Wheel

Let me know if I can be of more help.

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