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1/4/2015 2:04:49 PM - Markus
I don't know who to ask about this question. But it has to deal with body composition and powerlifting. i'm 30 now and I've been weight training for the better part of fifteen years. I've train more for conditioning and endurance the whole time but the last 5 months I've really got into powerlifting. It's reinvigorated my passion for lifting. But I have a concern with my shoulder. Portions of my left medial delt are atrophied. Has been like this since I first started lifting. My anterior and posterior delt is bigger on my left side to compensate for the lack of muscle in my medial. I'm stronger in presses on my left side and my upper peck on my right side close to my shoulder is even smaller then the left side. This is effecting my front squat which is actually my best supplemental along with paused for squatting. It's also effecting my back squat because the bar sits the slightest bit cocked. Not to mention I finished my bench and standing press on my left and the right is still trying to catch up. Have you ever seen something like this and what would you prescribe I do to continue with my training and make this deviation not effect me. Also the higher I go in weight the more lower back pressure I feel on my left side do to this. Thanks for reading and I apologize for the length. i just wanted to be very detailed as possible of my problem. Also will send pictures if necessary.

You're going to have imbalances. Nothing will sit on you perfectly. If this has been a long time issue you might want to see a doctor. At first look it seems like you might have some nerve issues in your neck/shoulder causing those muscles not to work properly.

Did you play football? Did you ever hurt your neck or shoulder as a kid? A previous injury might be the cause.

As far as fixing it, you'll have to see a PT. It may be beyond the scope of simply working it more.

Matt Rhodes

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