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1/4/2015 2:01:40 PM - Daniel G
Box squat v. Free Squat question here.

Raw squatter. Regardless of whether I box or free squat, I use the same form on the descent - push hips back same amount, etc. The ascent is different however: off the box, I do a much better job of using mostly hips, whereas when free squatting I do a slight forward lean out of the ascent before straightening up. While I'm not quite good-morning-ing the weight up when free squatting, out of the hole on free squat compared to box squat it's more back than hips. Any tips for for staying more upright when free squatting? I did a box squat session the other day, and, compared to free squatting, the weights felt lighter and easier, and the following days my hips were more sore than usual. Thanks!

I don't like the box squat, especially for a raw squatter. You're squat form is bad because you haven't perfected it. My guess is out of the hole you lose some tightness. Without seeing video I can't be sure.

My advice, stop box squatting and get good at squatting. Concentrate on your weak point during the squat and don't allow yourself to lean too far forward. There should be a lean, but not a good morning.

Don't increase weights until you can correct this. the best way to get better at something is to do it over and over and over.

Matt Rhodes

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