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1/22/2015 1:56:20 PM - Derek
Hey Justin,

I'm currently using this carb formula ( ) along with BCAAs and creatine for an intra workout.

What do you think of this product? And also, Do you think HBCDs would be a superior option?



When you had "blue bonnet" in the link I was sure I was getting trolled to a butter website.

The product looks pretty good. It has waxy maize, which is a high molecular weight carbohydrate and d-ribose, which is a simple sugar (the "d" just stands for "dexto-rotary," which is the direction sugars have in naturally occurring sources--the opposite of amino acids, which are "left handed"--as in L-tryptophan). It also contains maltodextrin, which is essentially a straight line of glucose molecules.

As far as HBCDs, I would say that they are a superior option...but they're also a more expensive option, so it's going to have to be your call (remember that Ronnie Coleman never used HBCDs and he carried a decent amount of size and strength). The blue bonnet is a good product, as far as I can tell.

Comprehensive Performance Nutrition

Justin Harris

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