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1/5/2015 10:57:03 PM - Andy M
In your guys and gals experiences, how much carryover is there typically for a 1RM squat with knee wraps vs not wrapped? I'm doing a meet in mid March that requires no wraps or sleeves with squat. I have hit 495 for a single before with wraps and I'm looking for a solid idea about what projected max I should aim for with my programs percentages sans wraps. Thanks!


It's really tough to say. I would guess that most lifters who are proficient with them get somewhere in the 40-60 lb range.

As with any other piece of gear, carryover will vary greatly from lifter to lifter.

For example, You would likely get way less carryover waring the old-style "redline" wraps than you would with something like the elitefts™ Super Heavy Knee Wrap.

You might also get more of a carryover if you are a closer stance, Olympic-style squatter than a if you are a wide-stance hip squatter, because you would be relying more on knee extension to execute the lift.

Finally, experience would play a large roll. If you squat mostly in wraps, you'll likely be affected more by removing them than if you spend the majority of you time out of them.

Since you have a couple of months to prepare, set a max of around 50 less than your wrapped max and adjust as you need to along the way.

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Dave Kirschen

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