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1/8/2015 10:59:44 AM - Red
Hypothetically...sort of.

Say I have 2 weeks to vacation where I obviously would like to look my best. I say hypothetically earlier, because its more out of curiosity as I'm not a terribly self conscious person.

What would be your key points to make the biggest impact in an abbreviated time. If it makes a difference, I stay somewhat lean year round (Less than 15% and very blurry abs, but basically hard all around) and hold a fair amount of muscle. Clothed I usually look strong and lean for the most part, not clothed I get a little flat looking, probably due to the moderate BF I guess.

I typically train more powerlifting style with some BB accessories.

Low Carb? Add Cardio? Temporarily change training? Can't make any change in 2 weeks?

Interested to hear your take on it as I've come to really enjoy reading your stuff.

You're going to make little changes to bodyfat in 2 weeks, but you can make HUGE changes to your physique if you focus on water retention.

I would emphasize a low carb diet (with periodic higher carb days) with the goal of losing 'some' fat before the vacation, but primarily losing the excess water and bloat that comes from the carb intake.

I'd be wary of excessive salt intake...but if you want to maintain that water loss during your vacation then do NOT cut out sodium beforehand (because you will be eating a lot of salt on vacation...and you'll just bloat to shit if your aldosterone is all out of whack from going low sodium in the two weeks before).

Then, while on vacation, just enjoy fatty foods...but try to keep carbs as low as possible.

You can enjoy tons of fatty steaks, burgers...even those high in sodium as long as you keep carbs relatively low (and keep fluid intake high--especially if you're planning on enjoying a drink or two on vacation)

Justin Harris

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