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1/7/2015 5:46:09 PM - Jax
When it comes to eating, I really do not have the desire to eat very often or that much food.

I am trying to lose weight but how important is it that I eat many times a day or overall calories. Making sure I get enough protein withing that caloric window.

People have told me I need to eat 6x a day. I find that way too often and my body doesnt like it. Rather eating 4x a day and doing periworkout.

Will I lose the weight or will I struggle.


This is an excellent question, and really there is no exact correct answer. But I will tell you that how often you eat per day is up to you. You don't need to eat 6 times per day if you don't want to.

Calories do matter, and anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. But the caveat is, they are not "equal". You will need to find the balance of what works for you to maintain energy but also continue to see progress. You should not be starving yourself to lose weight. If you are eating 4 times per day plus having peri workout nutrition, I think you're doing great!

The next step is really knowing how much you're truly eating. So many people thing they are eating X amount, but when they actually take the time to track it, they are eating Y amount (whether that be too much, or not enough).

I would highly suggest you keep up with Vincent's log as he tracks his progress (and maybe even shoot him a Q&A). I think you will be able to take a lot away from what he is doing.

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Best of Luck,
Brandon Smitley

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