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1/9/2015 4:38:44 PM - Jake
Hey guys,
Competing in my first meet in a couple of months, and having a slight issue with my bench. In a nutshell, i have trouble driving through the heels when i tuck my feet right under (im far from the bendiest person around that can get a massive arch), but when i move them out and wider to get my heels lower my butt comes off the bench. Any tips?


The key to foot placement in the bench press is to find a position where you have enough leverage to stabilize yourself on the bench, but not enough to lift your butt during the lift.

If you're not flexible enough to get a big arch, I wouldn't keep your feet tucked under because you will sacrifice stability with out much return in terms of shortening your range of motion.

The key to keeping you feet flat is to set them wide and slightly behind the knee, with the toes pointed forward as much as you can. Pointing the toes forward will cause your knees to want to cave in during the lift. By driving your knees out hard during the lift, you'll tighten up the hips and be able to stabilize yourself without pushing straight down, which causes butt lift.

This might be hard to picture, so here's a video of what it looks when I (attempt to) do it.

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Dave Kirschen

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