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1/11/2015 6:16:21 PM - Chris
Hey Vincent!

First of all let me say that I know where you are coming from with the McDonald's issue. And that is the exact thing I order about 90% of the time. Dollar menu(McDDbl, McChic,) and don't forget the diet coke!

Anyway, I'm a 49yr old who has always been interested in "working out", but now am focusing on getting strong once and for all and getting some weight off. My goal is to work up to a 1500 raw total at 242 by Sept of 2016. I'll be 50.
That is going to require about a 100lb increase on bench and a 35lb bodyfat reduction. I've been stuck for 2 years.(DL and Squat are improving) Tried alot of different things. I have had good results from 531 until the percentages get higher. My weak point is right off the chest. Technique is probably sloppy I'm sure. I tore a rotator cuff about 9 years ago benching 225 for reps.

I'm doing great now injury wise but I just can't improve on the bench. So, my question(s) would be, do you have any ideas for improving off of my chest? Do you think 18 months is enough time to go up a 100 and drop 35 if I'm stuck at 325 at 26% bodyfat? Or am I just getting old?

Thanks alot! I love this site and am learning alot and shopping alot!

Chris Walter

Chris, great goals to have. I think you should break them down into some shorter times though. I like 3-6 month goals. This way you actually experience success and can feed off that. 18 months without actually hitting your goal is a grind.

Regarding the bench, I would drop your training max. If you had success with lower weights, go back to them and then slowly work back up. If I am correct in understanding 5/3/1 it is really a sub max program. Your numbers might be getting too high. Also, don't test too much. I think people shoot for max lifts more often then they realize. Trust the training.

For off the chest I am a big fan of pause benching. I do them with my fsl sets. If the weight feels light I even do them with my legs up. I vary grips as well. Let it sit on your chest and then explode. I mean the fsl sets are very sub max, they are basically speed work weight.

Try these ideas out and get back to me. I think it's awesome what you have set out to do. Stay the course.

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Vincent Dizenzo

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