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1/14/2015 5:54:22 PM - timothy
Hello Thomas. I hope all is well. Im having issue with my rotator cuff i believe. Im having pain in the rear of my shoulder, im thinking it is the teres minor. I am looking at youtube videos to see if i can get some ideas on how to strengthen that area. It is in my right shoulder, it hurts the most when i try to reach for my left shoulder, benching and any upperbody pushing is out of the question, and sometimes i have an issue when i try to raise my arm laterally. i can perform chinups and almost any pulling movements without pain. I am 36, i hope that my shoulder just got a little wore out and its nothing serious and can be treated with some rehab exercises and some time off from pressing and throwing. With the information i have given you can you point me in the right direction so i can take care of this. I do appreciate your time and what you do on the elitefts website. If you need more information about my shoulder i will be happy to give you what you need.

Thanks again for your time...

Timothy W Martin

The first basic exercise I tell people to try is the band pull apart. Keeping the scapular retractors strong helps most shoulder issues.
That said do you have any specific areas of tightness? If so using some form of myofascial release might be necessary to fully recover. I use bands to stretch, a lacrosse ball, and a roller for my upper back/ thoracic extensor area.
For some specific teres minor work you can do side lying external rotation for app 3 sets, 12 - 20 reps. Chose form over weight. I wouldn't go over 5 lbs in this. You want a nice clean motion.
The shoulder horn is also helpful. With this use same rep scheme but you might find you can safely handle over 5 lbs, maybe up to ten. Again use a clean motion to huard against cheating with other muscles.
Good luck and don't be afraid to give any updates.

Thomas Deebel D.C.

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