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1/9/2015 4:06:46 PM - Chris G
I lift RAW and have found that when lifting maximal weights my technique goes in the toilet. It seems to stem mainly from me getting distracted by/worrying about getting the weight up and not getting embarrassed by being stapled by the weight. I doubt I'm the only person that's gone through this. How can I work through this? Any suggestions?

Chris G

If you lifted raw I could help you. RAW is above my security clearance.

You know what your problem is. Sack the f@#k up and smash the weight. Don't be a coward when the weight gets heavy. Ernie Frantz said it best. "Treat the light weights like they're heavy and the heavy weights like they're light."

Get under the bar and attack it. Don't be the douche bag that gets all fired up and yells at the bar. Be quiet, focused and determined to smash whatever you put on the bar. After all, you want to get stronger. You have to lift heavy to do that.

There's no magic pill or phrase or any of the crap. Sack up and hit the weights! If you think it's more complicated than that you might want to find a different hobby.

Matt Rhodes

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