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1/14/2015 5:34:01 PM - Richie
Hi Mark,

This seemed like somewhat of an idle question so I was unsure whether to post it, but I recently read something you wrote about not doing deadlifts and feeling like your back hasn't suffered for it.

I totally agree. I had to stop deadlifting around a year ago due to a nerve problem with my hip. To compensate I really upped my rowing. On April 17th, I started doing Meadows' rows (I keep detailed logs!), and have consistently done them once every 9-10 days or so (rotating rowing variations). Counting only plate weight (discounting the bar) I did 45 lb for 15, 70 for 3 sets of 15, then 45 for 25.

Tonight was my 28th session of Meadows' rows. I did 6 sets of 13 with 100 lb. So that's been my progression. In this time period my lats seem to have doubled. And I feel sick from how exhausting they were.

Since I know you're really into John's stuff, I wanted to put it to you: I have no idea why, but I find this movement singularly more exhausting than any amount of squatting I ever do, any amount of rowing with other implements. Am I alone, or is this justly an absurdly tiring exercise?

The detail of your logs is astounding;
Thanks for all the info!

Hi Richie,

You are correct...I never really deadlifted. I don't know if it's my short arms or poor hip mobility, but they always lead to lower spine injury.

I'm in agreement that one arm row variations seem to elicit growth more than any other exercise for me. Your progression is amazing - well done!

Lastly, you are not alone in saying that Meadow Rows take the wind out of you. They are an ass-kicker and leave me sucking wind especially when using heavier weight or going for reps.

All the best,
Mark Dugdale

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