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1/10/2015 9:06:10 AM - Brian
Nutrion for cutting

Hey guys, big dude here trying to reign my diet in and lose fat. Please advise per the following: 5' 10 240lbs @ approx 25% BF

Heres my proposed diet

Training days: breakfast- proteins & fats, lunch/post training- leaner protein, mashed sweet potato & veggies, dinner - proteins, veggies & whole grain/complex carb

Off day:breakfast- proteins & fats, lunch -lean protien & veggies, dinner - protiens, veggies & whole grain/complex carbs

Snacks: fruits, nuts & small servings of protein - all in very limited portions to kill cravings as needed

Sounds fine to me. Just make sure whatever you do is feasible. If you can follow this idea over time it can work. If it's something you hate then it'll never work.

What I have found is that I love bad food. I will not cut that out. However, I can have a piece of cake and not eat the whole thing, etc...

Again, the key is to be able to sustain this plan for years, decades? If you can, you'll have great success. If not, make your tweaks along the way and adjust for cravings and all that fun stuff.

Basically, if you eat good food in the right portions you'll have success. You can eat good food and still not have great success if you can't limit portions.

I'm not diet expert, but I've taken off 60lbs in 2 30lb chuncks by simply cutting portions and making sure I get in a good amount of protein. The experts may have more scientific mumbo jumbo, but I'm not into that crap. I'm in to realistic plan and being able to enjoy the process. Don't get me wrong. You have to cut out some foods. You have to sacrifice for the goal. But, you can still sacrifice and not feel like all the fun of eating is gone.

I hope this makes sense.

Matt Rhodes

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