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1/11/2015 6:15:20 PM - Christian
Hey team! Quick question whether weighted or not are behind the back dips a good exercise for strength and or hypertrophy? been doing bar dips for a long time now and just wanting to mix it up 2nd question (maybe not so quick). I've noticed that when dead lifting in the 80+% range I lean forward and a lot lately and completely missing a lift I've nailed in the past I don't know if this is a poor habit learned or an imbalance but I guess what I'm asking is, is there a specific exercise to remedy this? Or do I just have to keep trying to lean back?
Last question, how and where do I upload a video for someone to see and critique? I've noticed on here coaches saying "send a video and I'll let you know" how does one do that?
Thanks in advance for the time guys.....I can't believe it's free


The behind the back dips really aren't much better or worse than most other triceps movements. Worth a shot if you want to switch things up.

The leaning forward could be either muscular weakness or just a bad habit you've picked up somewhere along the way. For issues like this, I recommend finding the heaviest weight you can perform without the lean, then doing multiple singles with it to try to break yourself of the habit and get used to pulling correctly.

For video, just upload it to youtube then send us the link.

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Dave Kirschen

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