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1/18/2015 6:24:24 PM - Kevin
I wondered if you might be able to break down or explain the 5/3/1 post that I was just reading on the Q&A. I was turned on to the Wendler system a couple of years ago and feel I have been making steady if not outstanding progress. However, one of the key things my coach has taught me is to keep an open mind, knowing there are many valid ideas and ways to accomplish the mission of getting stronger. Currently, my routine is Wk 1 - 3x3, Wk 2 - 3x5, Wk 3 - 5/3/1. I do the plus set each time, as well as 2-3 singles after that...using the idea I should always leave a rep in the tank.

Am I doing too much and slowing my progress down? I feel like I am so new to the game and have so much to learn (understanding of course that it will always be a learning process), and this post caught my attention. If you could elaborate or clarify I would be tremendously appreciative.


Week 1 (use the percentages for week 2, but instead of 3 reps, the first two sets are for 5 reps, the third sets is for 5+)

Week 2 (use the percentages for week 1, all three sets are done for 5 reps, there is no + set)

Week 3 (use the percentages for week 3, but instead of the 5/3/1 reps, all three sets are done for 5 reps, you can add joker sets if you are up for them and understand how to do them correctly)

Week 4 - Deload week (use the percentages for week 1, all three sets are done for 5 reps, there is no + set, there is no assistance work done)

*Program first set last sets for each week if you'd like. I think they are very important as I keep assistance to a minimum.

I believe this is along the lines of the program Jim is using now as far as reps and percentages. If you are reading my log, the percentages will look way off. My last cycle was only at 75% of my true max. This was a direct result of discussing it with Jim. My training and strength is at a very developed state, so training reps up into the higher percentages would beat me up with this program too much to be effective.

Hope this is what you are looking for. Also, if you are gaining strength, don't change a thing. I know Jim would tell you that for certain. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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Thanks for the question Kevin,
Vincent Dizenzo

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