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1/15/2015 9:22:23 AM - Chris

I've switched from benching w/pinky on the ring to a closer grip (forefinger on the edge of the knurling). I feel much stronger in the new position, and it doesn't give me shoulder problems like my old position did, but with the narrower grip I feel less lateral stability in the bottom position - I have to worker harder to keep the bar balanced. How can I increase my stability in the bottom position?



Build size/strength in your biceps/forearms, upper back and lats. I assume you are already doing this - not many people don't so just keep doing what you are doing - heavy lat work and making arms strong. Best thing I used was basic curls and any kind of rope work (rope/sled and rope chins).

You also must work on your set up - from your head/chin to your feet. This may have to tweaked and changed. Also, you will have to learn to be tight throughout the lift - holding your air throughout most of the lift AND getting stronger arms.

Obviously a narrow grip makes a difference in stability (wider base, etc) - so you are going to take things to the extreme and get bigger/stronger. Nothing new here - just make it happen and be patient.

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