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1/12/2015 4:04:30 PM - Travis
A training partner of mine has been suffering from sciatica more frequently over the past couple of months, but he hasn't gotten an x-ray or anything yet because he says it normally clears up after a week or two. I'm concerned it's becoming more chronic. Generally speaking, is sciatica pain something that can be worked around when training as a powerlifter? Would developing stronger abdominal muscles mitigate the pain over time? Thank you!

Travis, I am just going to give you my experiences with sciatica pain. Clearly there is something wrong to cause that pain. Tell your friend, ignoring it is not the answer. Pain is your body's way of saying fix me or I am going to f@#k you up.

I am presently rehabbing so many issues as a result of building up my core around my problems. My body found many ways to compensate for my back issues. That has provided me with another whole host of issues.

The greatest thing I ever did was get a PT who was once a strength athlete so to speak. He threw the hammer in college. First of all, he is strong enough to work on me. Second, he knows the fix he uses on most people will not work on me (some guys only have so many tricks in their bag). Lastly, he knows I will continue to lift. My ultimate goal is to get back on the platform. Too often people in the medical field are quick to say stop lifting. As soon as I hear that I leave the office, literally.

I had gotten signals long before I ruptured two discs in my back and I ignored them. I was laid up for a long time living on booze and pain pills. Luckily I pulled myself out of that hole and was at least able to carry on a pretty decent bench career in the sport.

These things don't clear up on their own forever. I hope he gets help.

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I'm six months into pt and am still scratching at the surface,
Vincent Dizenzo

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