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1/16/2015 4:04:53 PM - Ronald
I have a question on the 5/3/1 Full Body Full Boring template from Beyond 5/3/1. I am thinking of moving to this template, however, I cannot seem to find the progression.

It looks like I am not supposed to go for PR's on the 5/3/1 sets. Do I follow it for 3 days a week, as written, for 4 weeks then add weight to my training max?

If the answer is in the book, please tell me.

Thanks for your help.

Hey Ronald -

I'm sure Jim could give you a for sure answer on this if you sent him a question. I just glanced at it in my book and this is how I'd do it if I was going to follow it. I'd train 3 days a week for 3 weeks. Then increase the TM and repeat another 3 weeks. Then deload the 7th week.

I'd go for PRs on the 5/3/1 sets. Very rarely does Jim not recommend going for PRs on these sets from what I've saw. But again, asking him will give you a for sure answer.

So to sum it up:

5/3/1 Lifts
Week 1 - 3x5+
Week 2 - 3x3+
Week 3 - 5/3/1+
Increase TM
Week 4 - 3x5+
Week 5 - 3x3+
Week 6 - 5/3/1+
Week 7 - Deload

The main progression is the 5/3/1 work. The rest of the percentage work (65%x5, 75%x5,...) can be changed as he notes at the bottom. This would be up to you and what you've found to push those lifts rep/intensity wise.

Hopefully that helps answer your question.

Chase Karnes

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