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1/15/2015 9:16:29 AM - Mason
Hey Jim I think I remember you saying you tore your rotator cuff and labrum. I did the same about a year ago and I did not have surgery. Did you have yours repaired? how does it effect your training? I'm just questioning if I'll ever be the same again? Thanks

I have torn both - one is repaired, the other isn't.

As for training, you just have to be smart and "train what is trainable". Don't do movements just because someone is doing them or because you feel you need to. Do the things that you can do and blast away.

I can do most everything now (well, obviously not at this moment with the other surgeries) and have a small list of stuff I refuse to do anymore. But I can do all the basic lifts and can perform all the conditioning goals. And that, to me at this point, is what matters.

You will be fine - just be patient and don't do movements that aggravate it. It's common sense but as you know, we are not always terribly smart in the weight room.

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Good luck,
Jim Wendler

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