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1/13/2015 10:14:53 PM - Nate

Video link for reference -

Hoping you can lend a hand with some squatting questions. I am a raw, high bar, moderate stance lifter. I've noticed after squat days is that my adductor muscles in my groin are very sore after squat days. After reviewing today's squat session, I've noticed that my knees 'bounce' back in like a rubber band while ascending out of the hole. I suspect this is the primary reason my adductors are sore after squat days. I am not sure if this constitutes knee bucking or not, and I'm hoping you can provide some guidance on that, plus if you notice any other flaws.

I appreciate any time and guidance you can provide to help me improve. Thanks!


Thanks for the question man! By the way, sweet shirt! :)

I watched your video and I didn't see any major glaring issues. I would work on making your walk out a bit more efficient by limiting your steps, but otherwise I liked the over look of your squat. It fits your build very well.

I didn't see your knees come in that much, actually less than mine tend to when I get heavy.

But if you are having sore adductors from squatting, it could be that they are coming in just a bit. I would take the time to work on not only mobility of your adductors, but strengthening up your abductors. Things like X band walks, and external rotations work great. I can't suggest David Allen's Banded Hip Series enough.

You could also implement some wider stance work on variations to bring this up, such as wide stance squatting, low wide stance box squats, sumo deadlifts touch and go (for time under tension), and some single leg work. These will build your hips and adductor strength up and help with better overall movement patterns.

Give some of those a shot, and let me know how it pans out for you!

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Hope that Helps,
Brandon Smitley

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