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1/15/2015 5:19:17 PM - Chris
Hey Mark,

I notice in a lot of John's programs he has the Incline bench as the 'staple' chest exercise, where you are stopping before your chest, and coming 3/4 way up. Since you do it so often, do you try to progress the weight on it? I notice you usually work up to 245-265 or so, do you ever pay attention to those weights or just how you feel that day? Thanks!

Hey Chris,

I torn my pec back in 2010. It didn't detach and hardly had any discoloration, but it made me shy away from heavy barbell work. I did it on my second rep with 500lbs and was so pissed that I ever got under the bar. In the past I inclined 405lbs for reps as well.

I say this as a reference point so you'll understand why I don't push beyond 315lbs on flat and 275lbs on incline. I've found plenty of other methods for stimulating pec hypertrophy, such as John's method on incline. Stopping a couple inches above your chest and stopping short at 3/4 lock-out makes incline much more difficult as each set is essentially continuous tension.

So, the long answer to your question...I mostly go by how I am feeling on a given day and/or if I have a training partner to spot me. That's largely what dictates the weight I select.

All the best,
Mark Dugdale

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