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1/16/2015 1:19:04 PM - Josh Thomas
I partially ruptured my pec tendon almost exactly a year ago. Went through the doc, specialist, MRI, all that good stuff. It seems like there is almost zero information about partial tendon tears. I have read the articles on this site that relate but I still have some unanswered questions. First, I am at roughly 70% of what my max used to be, although I haven't maxed in about 4 months. My question regarding that is how frequently do you think I should be testing my max? Also, what sort of things should be incorporated into rehabbing the pec now that I am sort of in the advanced stages of rehab? Lastly, how long do you think it will take to heal, and how long until you think I, or someone in my situation, should compete again?

Thank you for your time!


What I have found out from doing this sort of thing to myself, is the amount of hydration you keep yourself at is paramount.

My pal, Coach Buddy Morris commented once to me and this stuck..."as little as a 1% reduction in overall hydration can result in as much as 18-22% reduction in performance.

That also means INCREASE in risk to injury, such as pulls and worse.

I too am almost a year after tearing my pec and STILL cannot handle the fast change over from deceleration to acceleration while benching.

I can push off spot rails set at chest height a shit ton as an acceleration ONLY, if I am properly set up and hydrated. BUT am very limited if I take the bar out of the standards bring it to my chest, and change over to push it back UP.

My Bench was a high 400's while training sushi. No shirt, no bands, just raw. I can push High 300's off the rails. I totally suck monkey nut when I do the "change over". So to answer your question, "how long?" is hard. How about this...(no sarcasm) as long as necessary.

How long until you compete? Sucky answer...DEPENDS!

How old are you?

How old are you in training years?

What does your bench technique look like?

Who's coaching you?

Do you do the proper rehab AFTER training bench?

Are you hydrated enough? (no one is)

On the other hand, Joey Smith tore his at the exact SAME day I did. His was actually worse. Today, Big Joey is pushing big weight again. BUT...he's a much younger man than I.

So all these things come into play.

I wish I could tell you, "three more weeks, two days and four hours and you'll be as good as new", but we both know I'm telling you a great fib.

NEVER give up on the quest. But let's see what your answers are, and maybe we can layout a plan for you to get on the bench ON a PLATFORM soon.


Harry Selkow

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