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1/16/2015 7:19:24 PM - Chad Thomas
Mr. Yard,

Can you talk more about the step up? What height did you set up the box at? Why that height, and not higher/lower?


I like the step up. It is a fun exercise that hits the quads, hips, and glutes. As a raw squatter these are prime movers and need extra work. The step up is a good mix of heavy and isolation at the same time.

I like to use two heights. One is a box that puts my legs at the angle of a parallel squat. I do this with dumbbells for more hip and glute work. The next height is a box that puts me about 4 inches above parallel. This is mostly for the quad and is kept for heavy sets.

The heights is irrelevant as some shin bones are longer or shorter. The goal is to work at different heights and change it up to promote growth.

Scott Yard

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