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1/16/2015 10:09:29 PM - Kruse
I am trying to fix a problem with my deadlift. I used to be a good starter off the floor so I started working on my back due to lockout trouble. Now my lockout is grood with no hitching but my start sucks. my natural hinge point is high when starting off the floor. I wanted to try a cycle of sumo to help with the my hips and the area around them but when I do sumo I can't get any leverage. To pull 225 off the floor feels like someone is stabbing me in the joints with a knife. I recently pulled 515 at a meet in December and feel that sumo should not be a problem but can't figure out what to do. Any suggestions would help. I can send a video of my deadlift if you need it.


Glad to hear that you've been able to improve your lockout, but I hate to hear that you are now having issues off the floor (and with the sumo).

At the end of the day if sumo causes you more pain and issues, then I'd avoid it. I'm all for doing more of what you suck at, but if it causes pain it's not worth it. Now, if it sucks just because it's hard, that's completely different.

Something you can do is start using the sumo off some blocks, say like 4". If this doesn't cause you pain, work on this for a few weeks, and then drop the blocks down to 3", then 2" and so on until you are at the floor. This will still let you build your hips up with the sumo but slowly let you get down there more comfortably.

As for your issue from the floor, you've got a whole different array of issues that could be arising here. First and foremost is going to be starting position and technique. This has to be locked in, so check that (and if you need, send in a video). If that checks out, look at things like deficit pulls, speed pulls (to practice technique and speed off the floor), good mornings from pins, and snatch grip deadlifts. Some accessory work you should be hammering are glute ham raises, pull throughs, and front squats.

Like I said, feel free to submit a video as well if you'd like to get that looked at. Not everyone is built to pull sumo, so if it causes you pain, I'd avoid it. But if you just suck at it, do more of it and send a video in and let's see what we can clear up.

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Hope that Helps,
Brandon Smitley

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