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1/21/2015 10:46:27 AM - Mike
In a recent answer to someone, you said that you would personally not use a front squat for heavy work. Can you go into more details on that? Thanks!

In the original question, he said the girls had trouble keeping form. So why do heavy work if their form gets bad? plus, the nature of a Front Squat is a lighter load. Still a great exercise for the abs/low back. Great way to reinforce the catch position of the clean.

Training it heavy doesn't make sense to me, especially in that situation. I use the Front Squat as a break from heavy work.

If you want to train heavy, put the bar on your back and go.

Part of it is using an exercise to accomplish the goal intended.

You can use the Front Squat for heavy work if your kids know how to do it and can maintain their position with heavier weight. But generally, I only use it for repetition work (5-10 reps).

I'm not sure if this answers your question.

Matt Rhodes

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