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1/18/2015 11:30:53 AM - Ray
Dear EliteFTS,

I would like to be able do a one-arm chin up. Currently, my main exercises are overhead press and deadlift.

Here's how I currently schedule my workouts:
DAY 1 - Overhead press variations (Max effort) + Assistance exercises
DAY 2 - Rest
DAY 3 - Deadlift variations (Rep effort) + Assistance exercises
DAY 4 - Rest
DAY 5 - Overhead press variations (Dynamic effort, sometimes I drop it out depending on how I feel) + Upper body exercises (Rep effort, mainly pressing exercises)
DAY 6 - Rest
DAY 7 - Lower body and posterior chain exercises (Rep effort)
DAY 8 - Rest, back to DAY 1

NOTE: I could not do Max effort deadlift because I don't have enough plates to load my barbell heavy enough, I'm currently saving money to buy additional plates. I also train alone and going to the gym is often not feasible because of my schedule (I work at hospital emergency).

How should I train the one-arm chin up? Should I do Pavel-style "greasing the groove" or should I put a dedicated day to train it? My work often limit my recovery capacity, so I'm ready to drop the deadlift, at least until I could afford more plates. I also train alone and going to the gym is often not feasible because of my schedule.

Thank you


You need to train your lats and biceps. Your plan doesn't have any. You will need to be awesome at regular pull ups and it appears that you don't do any now. Start doing multiple sets and reps of pull ups twice a week.

Add those things to your list and pick up a average band here at elitefts. You can do reverse band one arm pull ups to get your technique down while you are building up the muscles needed to do it with out the band.

Scott Yard

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