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1/18/2015 11:34:59 AM - Joe
I'm throwing this out for anyone. I have been training for powerlifting for the last 5 years and have in the last year injured my left rear shoulder "area". I say area as it is on top/rear of the shoulder at the joint. It happened last year getting ready for a meet. I was squatting heavy(for me)for reps and on the 3rd rep got stuck in a leaned forward position. I was able to grind it out but after I did my shoulder hurt. Ever since then I get to a point on my bench where it's like a light switch and I seem to lose ability to control my shoulder and arm. This only happens on heavy sets. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar. I had x-rays and an MRI done and it shows not tears or soft tissue damage. External rotation is also quite painful. It generally feels like tendinitis but at times seems to radiate into my biceps and even wrist area. Once again just throwing it out to see if there may be some ideas as to what I'm dealing with.


Take your images and get a second or third opinion. If you have that much pain it's worth double checking it.

It sounds very similar to the pain I had from a ac joint sprain. It hurt for several months along with a split tear in my bicep tendon at the humorous bone. My friend has the same pain and is getting surgery next week to fix a labrum tear. I can't take a wild guess as it would be dangerous for me to do so.

Please see another dr and see a physical therapist that can give you some tools to strengthen the area.

When my shoulder was injured I rehabbed it for months with no change. It Only got better when I stayed out of the gym for two months. Rest fixes many things.

Good luck

Scott Yard

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