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1/21/2015 10:21:13 AM - Josh Thomas
Thanks for the good info. Here are my answers to the questions you asked.
1. How old are you?
-I am 23.

How old are you in training years?
-I have been training for powerlifting for roughly 4 years.

What does your bench technique look like?
-I'd say my bench technique is pretty good. I know I have much more room to improve, but before my pec tendon partial tear, my best ever bench with a pause was 360, my best competition bench was 345 at 175 bw. Ultimately I think that is a combination of being blessed with "talent" when it comes to bench pressing as well as having above average technique.

Who's coaching you?
-I've had some local training in my area, northern Colorado. I've had one very good coach for about a year but he lives in Michigan now. As far as "coaching" I just try to read as much as I can. I'd say in the last four years that I have had to have read roughly an average of an hour a day. Those readings include articles from this site, T-nation, and multiple books that I've seen successful powerlifters recommend.

Do you do the proper rehab AFTER training bench?
-This question, I am going to answer no. That's because I don't even know what proper rehab afterwards would be, so in that case, I am sure I am not doing it.

Are you hydrated enough? (no one is)
-No, I am not. Which is certainly one of my biggest problems. I typically get a minimum of a half gallon a day. On bench day, I usually get a gallon.


I HATE online coaching. BUT, as a convenient medium sending in a video would be helpful to critique flaws that may be causing you the pec issue.

Vincent Dizenzo is our resident Bench Press Gorilla. I recommend you request his feedback on your form. (Tell him you have a tear too)

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Most of the pulls and tears that I've experienced have a direct correlation to this.

I can't stress how important a good hands on coach is. I'll look around Northern Colorado to see if anyone comes up that is worthy of you getting in contact with.

THIS of course depends on your goals of lifting. If you aren't going to compete, then a slow progress can be implemented and you won't need a coach. BUT, if you intend to get on a platform, GET ONE!

Rehab exercises to consider:

Bamboo bar "Wind Chime" bench

Board Press

Cable Flys with increase range of motion

Deep Tissue Massage to break up scar tissue

R.O.M. stretches

Self Myofacial Release with lacrosse ball/foam roller (or Texas Power bar if you're a REAL MAN...ouch)

Electric Stimulation from a TENS unit.

Keep me up to date with your progress?,
Harry Selkow

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