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1/21/2015 10:03:36 AM - John

I was reading through some old questions, and saw that you used to do tri-athalons! Was that at a time while you were strength training, or before you started powerlifting using the conjugated method?
Did you ever do any "bodybuilding" exclusive work, or was your size gained while powerlifting?
I'm actually interested in doing a sprint tri this summer, and would like to keep up with lifting best I could. Maybe incorporate a conjugated template like Alex Viada writes about. Would it be hard to keep up with a typical bodypart split?
Thanks a lot man,


The endurance events that I participated in during the mid 80's and early 90's is ANOTHER good reason to give up drinking.

No real good decision is made on a night of imbibation with a bunch of buddies full of machismo.

However, I got myself to a point of being so darn FIT, I was unhealthy. I lost a lot of muscle mass from my College athletic days (200 lbs) to my second Iron Man in the World Championships in France (165 lbs). I caught every darn cold there was, and became obsessed with keeping a very low body fat %.

I started out "bodybuilding" as most of the people who enter a gym do. Although, I thought it was for performance. I was 13 years old at the time and I just wanted to get HUGE. Only after I started my freshman year pursuing my B.S. degree in Physical Education did I realize, "that dog don't hunt". I needed to lift for performance to play football and lacrosse.

Well, like Forrest says, "stupid is as stupid does", I kept doing the NEWEST latest greatest "TREND". Paul Chek's "functional training" with all the circus exercises became my next quest for an Atlas body with Chad Aiches strength. "Doah"!

For now and the last decade or so, I combine the Conjugated Strength Training (for performance) with John Meadow's Mountain Dog "TYPE" of bodybuilding. (let's call it Powerbuilding...that's pretty neat) for my boyish good looks. (Aaaaahahahahahaha)

The Sprint Tri is an AWESOME race. You won't kill yourself with a lot of "junk" mileage, breaking down the muscle mass as you would for an ultra distance alone. You can interval train your way to a decent finish. This will also play into your hand for continuation of the "bodybuilder split". No rules, just do.

Be warned...The SPRINT tri, is the only one that I've participated in that actually killed a guy. Seems this fellow thought the distances were manageable enough that he would be able to accomplish it. However, the BALLS OUT pace, swept him up and he was WAY in over his head.

750 people with four limbs crashing and splashing in a 440 yard swim is scary. The 8 mile bike was done at 28+MPH (the upper HR for many) and the 3 mile run was done at 6:00 min/mile.

I was hunched over in the finish shoot coughing up a lung and my cerbrial cortex. The other guy DIED on the first hill...LITERALLY.

If I have to sign a waiver, the sport is for ME!,
Harry Selkow

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