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1/19/2015 5:26:44 PM - Chris
The Thinker,

Hope all is well! I have enjoyed your GSC website and its content. It has really expanded my idea and more detail of our work. Had a couple questions I hoped you could answer:

1)In your lecture about Positional Power Speed on GSC & I am assuming the Canadian DB football player your mention in Applied Sprint Training, was there specific "days" he conducted these positional power speed drills, like on a high day prior to sprints, low day prior to tempo runs, or everyday he wants to due to the low intensity?

I am wanting to program positional power speed drills by intensity for my team sport for their off-season but am having trouble finding when to exactly implement it through the week & by day. I am assuming due to the technical demands & motor skill of the movements you would want to do them when you are the freshest. For example, could one program running the following for a team sport like soccer for a High/low split:

Early GPP
Day 1:
Positional Power-Speed
Hill Sprints

Day 2:Linear Tempo Runs W/ possibly introducing Multi-Directional

eventually getting to....

Day 1:
100% Agility/COD Drill
Flat Sprints

Day 2:
Positional Power-Speed & Tempo Runs OR Multi-Directional Tempo Runs


2)When progressing jumps volume through a period or block, I typically decrease jump volumes with the intensities going up? I saw in you AST manual with your rugby programming examples you kept the same jump through the block while increasing the jump volume. Is their a particular reason you did this? Is this for specific reasons?

3)When training throwers (shot, discus, etc),with the maximal strength requirements higher than other events do you still lift them sub-maximally leading up to a 3-1-3 max strength block like I have seen with other power-speed athletes you have programmed for?

Thanks For All You Do!

Thanks for the kind words Chris, and feel free to contact me through either of my sites to set up a formal consult as the comprehensive nature of the questions you've posed here are far beyond the scope of the Q&A.

The Thinker

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