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1/20/2015 11:07:13 AM - Richie
Hi Brian,

Recently I thought I'd try ephedrine. I searched "BRONKAID" and you came up as someone who'd used it. So that's why I'm directing this question to you.

At the end of an otherwise perfect squat workout, I just pulled my hamstring. I've never injured a hamstring before (quads, several times). And while it may just be that it's my turn to deal with the injury thing again, I thought of BRONKAID's other main ingredient, guaifenesin, which I've subsequently learned is a muscle relaxant and can apparently interfere with or soften a muscle's stretch reflex (how we get out of the hole!). If you wanted to see something more about this, here's a website:

I'm guessing you've never had a problem with it; this may just be paranoia due to impotent rage at an otherwise excellent session going into the toilet.

I usually squat every 72 hours alternating between high-intensity, low-volume days and high-volume, low-intensity days. I was thinking I'd skip my next day altogether; then do some light sets of tens to flush blood into the muscle on the following session; then resume, hopefully, heavier lifting after that. Do you think nine days is enough time to recover from what feels like a relatively minor hamstring strain?

Thanks for any input,

Hi Richie,

Iíve taken Bronkaid for years and have never had an issue. Up until now Iíve only known Guaifenesin to be an expectorant to help aid in the relief of chest congestion. Upon further research, including the link you provided, I see that itís used as a muscle relaxant but it seems to have to be administered at a much higher dose by IV for this effect. Each Bronkaid tablet has 400 mg of Guaifenesin. The recommended dose for a dog is 44-88 mg/kg of bodyweight, so for a 200 lb male the recommended IV dose would be 5,940 mg. I doubt that 400 mg orally would have much of a muscle relaxant effect. From my understanding it was mainly added to Bronkaid to prevent people from using the ephedrine to manufacture meth.

What could potentially cause issues is the fact that both caffeine and ephedrine have a diuretic effect which could cause dehydration and a higher likelihood of muscle tears.

As far as recovery time is concerned, youíre going to have to base that off of how your hamstring feels and the severity of the injury. Did you have bruising? If itís still uncomfortable I would recommend you lay off of it until it heals. You donít want to end up making the injury worse. It may also make sense to start with higher box squats to reduce the stress on your hamstrings.

Since you mentioned previous injuries, it may be a good idea to reevaluate your warm up. Do you perform an adequate cardio warm up prior to squatting? Do you roll your quads and hamstrings prior to squatting? That may make a significant difference in helping to prevent future injuries.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you for the question,
Brian Schwab

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