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1/22/2015 7:33:28 PM - scott
My wife is training for her first PL competition and is going to compete raw. I have competed in equipped comps only and am familiar with peaking with circa max phases and what not for suits and shirts. Question for you guys; is there a good way to peak for a full raw meet aside from planning to finish a wave or cycle around that time. She is currently training using the conjugate/concurrent method.


With novice lifters the key is to not do certain things instead of actually doing certain things.

Since your wife is new and still learning the only thing she can do is screw up a good thing.

If she follows the following guidelines she should do well.

Don't hit any 100% singles a month out from the meet.

Deload the last week before the meet. Do a single or two at 50% max.

Focus on the actual gym lifts the last month and do singles in the 85-95% range.

Practice the lifts that last month with all commands.

Open low and focus on getting on 9 attempts in to learn from the meet and build confidence.

Good luck!

Scott Yard

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