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1/20/2015 9:01:31 AM - Zack
Hey Josh I had a question about bodybuilding. I have been power lifting for around three years and have had decent strength gains but I'm tried of having the power lifter's physique. I planned on competing in April but things just aren't going to workout. Because of this I thought I would change my program up and try to change my body composition instead of continuing with the meet prep. I am around 5'9 195. If I had to guess I'm probably around 18% body fat because you can barely see the top of my abs but there's plenty of fat covering the rest. I have your book built to the hilt and there's a ton of good stuff in there but I really don't even know where to begin. What program from your book would you recommend to build the most lean muscle? Also, what can I do to get rid of this extra fat I'm toting around. Extra weight might be good for my total but it isn't helping my looks at all. Is there any dieting tips you would recommend like what to eat and when to eat it? Sorry to bug you with all of this I'm just tired of looking like I'm nine months pregnant. I look forward to hearing for you. Thank you!

For training--go to the rest-pause programs do that split outlined for three weeks--get back to me after that. There are ton of different three week waves we can use, Zack.

For dieting, have you dieted? How committed are you? Because of you are a powerlifter looking to lean down, vs someone that is 100% committed to eating like a competitive bodybuilder my recommendations are different.

You following a diet now?

Josh Bryant

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