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1/20/2015 5:41:44 PM - Michael Orehek
I'm interested in buying a squat briefs or maybe a suit to overload my raw squat. Currently i can squat 2x bodyweight, I figure that's a decent starting point to maybe add in gear. Not sure if I'm interested in competing in gear or anything. I could use advice on this though.Thx.


If over loading your squat is the goal I would take the money you were going to spend on gear and get some elitefts onyx bands.

Reverse band squats are a great way to overload the squat but still keep your raw technique. I have done this over the years and had success with them.

Pick up some mini, light, average, and strong bands. You can do varying levels of bands.

Chains are great too. We carry those as well.

Wearing gear will alter your form and potentially screw up your raw squt technique.

The safe bet is bands and chains and you will accomplish the goal with the least amount of side effects.

Scott Yard

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