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1/24/2015 6:34:42 PM - Robert Ungurean
Hi Mr Holdsworth
It's Bob Ungurean from Facebook. Thanks for getting back to me.
Now I want to add that I do have a mild herniated disc on left side of neck. So I stopped doing harness and plate work at my doctors advice. That was a year ago and I started recently working it with aten pound plate. Don't know if I can actually put mass on my neck at almost 50 yrs of age. But I want to try but don't want to hurt myself either. Any advice would b appreciated.


With a herniated disc in your neck I would recommend a lot of extension type of work. However isometric work would give you the ability to build up the size of your neck and not to compromise the disc.

You can go 1 of 2 routes.

1. if you have a training partner. You can be on all fours or laying on table/bench and you maintain nuetral head position and they apply pressure in one of four directions. This work will get the musculature but as long as you don't move the neck, should not bother the disc. Now I am not a DR. so obviously consult him before taking my word for it, plus he has malpractice insurance. Just kidding. Don't start with the most you can do, work up the force your partner uses and consequently you resist with.

2. If no partner then you can choke a band to the rack and put it around your head and walk out away from the rack until there is sufficient force trying to move your head. You hold a neutral position and then you have an isometric contraction for your neck that will help build girth but not bother the disc.

If you are reading this thinking, man the SOB is smart, I'm not, I have just had to work around every type of injury possible. I learn all this shit the hard way and hopefully you don't have to.

take care, get yoke,
JL Holdsworth

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