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1/21/2015 9:55:33 AM - Joe aka Bubba Gump
I rang in the new year off the right foot instead of on it. This is because I broke my right tibia and fibula while ice skating with my family. Of all the ways to end up under the knife in surgery this was not the activity I thought would land me there. I had a tibial rodding with an additional 5 screws to make it all come back together the morning of 1/1/15 to start off the new year. I'll be laid up for the next month or so. I was wondering if you know anyone or have worked with anyone who has had this injury or if anybody else from EFS could answer some of my questions about rehab. I want to know if powerlifting will ever be an option again with a rod going through the middle of my tibia or if I will ever be able to kickbox like I did before? If I do how much of a risk am I taking with the rod snapping inside my leg?


Ice Skating? You could have said playing Hockey.

I'm pretty sure that this question about kickboxing is best answered by the Doc who put the rod in.

As for powerlifting, I've seen athletes lift on a titanium prosthesis. Granted, getting depth was not there, but he still competed.

I've got a friend on Social Media that has ONE ARM, and HE still competes. So, I don't think you're out of the game. But again, check with the Doc.

In the meantime, I'll check around the EliteFTS locker room and ask if anyone has had experience.

On the bright side, you have gotten THAT out of the way for the New Year.

NEVER give up the dream!

Harry Selkow

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