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1/21/2015 9:33:42 AM - jeff
Coach, foam rolling my lats really worked wonders. Thank you for that I never would have tried it if you hadn't suggested it. New question, when training with the prowler, should I do sprints every time or should I go heavy sometimes and walk it? I use it twice a week should I do one day heavy walking and one day light sprints or mix it up both days? I can sprint with 2 plates per side and I can push it around 15 yards with 5 plates per side (I'm a mess afterward)


I am stoked that my suggestion worked for you. : )

Prowler is by far my favorite conditioning tool. You're either going to love my answer or hate it..."YES".

My take on the Prowler is to put some weight on it. If you can push it fast, DO IT! If you put too much on, then walk it.

I do both. Mostly I do it a bit harder each time. NOT by a lot, but by something.

Twice per week here as well. One day heavy, one day fast. HEY, what's that sound like??? The conjugated strength training system?

Harry Selkow

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