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1/22/2015 1:57:26 PM - tim
Hey James. I hope all is well. I recently finished reading Triphasic training authored by Cal Dietz. Book was different I must admit. But I do question what Cal Dietz wrote in regards to training one bio motor ability a day. For example he believes that maximal strength and hypertrophy should not be trained during the same workout because the body will not know what to adjust to for that day. basically confusing the body and the athlete will not make progress. My question is, do you believe this to be true or can multiple abilities be trained in the same session, just as long as they are compatible? such as max effort strength, sprinting, and hypertrophy?
thanks again for your time and what you do to assist the coaches seeking out your advice.

timothy w martin

Hello Tim, if you're familiar with my work on GSC then you know that I'm uninterested in debate. Instead, I root myself firmly in the unarguable foundations.

Decades ago, sport scientists, not strength coaches, with incomparable research parameters relative to their western counterparts such as Vladimir Issurin, Victor Seluyanov, Yuri Verkhoshansky, and so on, revealed the intricacies of biomotor, biodynamic, and bioenergetic structure.

Issurin is well known for elucidating the principle of workload compatibility which is based upon the neuromuscular and physiological structure behind various types of working efforts and that which renders either compatibility or contraindication between the pairing or sequencing of various workloads in a given period of time.

As I indicate over and over, with extraordinarily few exceptions, it is my continued suggestion to encourage others to focus their attention on the foundational elements that constitute the basis of their interests- sport preparation or otherwise.

Moral of my response relative to the question you asked- Vladimir Issurin answered it thirty years ago.

The Thinker

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