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1/23/2015 8:27:27 AM - Jared Brown
Would you have any suggestions on the conditioning of a football team that will be utilizing a high tempo, no huddle offense. We generally have 35-40 players on a roster with 15 players getting the majority of the reps on Friday night. I have a few ideas, but I feel like I need some outside perspective. I don't want to run them to death, but on the same token, I don't want them puking all over the place half way though the first quarter. Any input would be appreciated.
Jared Brown

Well, the first thing I look at is the number of kids who will be getting most of the reps - 15. This tells me they play both ways.

Why do you have to run an up tempo offense with 15 guys? Are you doing it because it's the "in" thing right now? Are you doing it to satisfy your ego? Or, is it the best option for the football team? I know the answer.

You really need 7-8 OL, 5-6 WR, 3 RB who can contribute to run this offense. You need 8 DL, 5-6 LB and 6-7 DB to play against this.

Couple that with these kids playing both ways and you're setting yourself up for a long, bad season, in my opinion.

No matter your offense, the tempo of practice needs to be worse than a game. Individuals, position, unit and team periods need to be fast. Coach on the fly. Kids need to be running everywhere at all times.

As far as conditioning, the drills should simulate game tempo. there's a play clock. That's your rest period. Sprints should last 5-6 seconds.

Longer conditioning could last 15-20 seconds with a 3-1 rest to work ratio.

If you practice with tempo there's probably no reason to condition afterwards. if they have gas left, practice wasn't hard enough.

Off-season conditioning should be 2-3 days a week for no more than 60 minutes including warm-ups and cool down. The base you'll have to build is tremendous.

In my opinion, coaches should run an offense and defense that fits there personnel (abilities and numbers). To me it's like taking the Service Academies and running the no huddle, spread offense. Doesn't make sense with their football abilities.

You can't expect 15 main contributors to play both ways with tempo. Even if it's 15 on offense and they don't play both ways, that's 4 subs. hey can play, but when they get tired they won't execute well. High school kids don't eat, sleep or do anything right in terms of recovery.

You've got your work cut out for you.

Matt Rhodes

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