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1/23/2015 11:19:42 AM - Lee
M2 going great.
What height do you set the bands at for reverse band DL?
On the inside of plates or after the all the plates are on?
Going to be in a power rack is the band even with shouldres or slightly behind.?

Hi Lee,

Thanks for purchasing the M2 Method ebook.

Iím actually really glad you asked this question. At some point in the book I specify that the reverse bands should be set at eye level, but this really isnít accurate. Honestly I usually set them at the top of the rack which is well above eye level. I would say about even with the shoulders for width in the rack would be correct. I place them on the outside of the plates since I usually add them after my warm up sets. Hereís a recent video of how I set them up. Although you canít see the top, theyíre just hung over the band peg. My training partner was trying to be funny by calling me Brandon. Iím not sure why. Most of the kids here call me ďDadĒ now, which Iím not sure how to take.

The main point of the reverse band set up is that you want to be able to achieve the designated number of reps with the specified percentage. If youíre not able to at the height you have the bands set, then raise them. If the reps feel too easy, then lower them.


Thank you for the question,
Brian Schwab

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