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1/24/2015 11:40:56 AM - Joe Gonzalez
Hi Brian,
I purchased the Minimalist Method program a while back, but haven't begun using it yet, because I wanted to finish a 5/3/1 cycle. I've been training and competing raw for the last 18 months and now I'm returning to single-ply and plan to do a meet equipped in 2015. On background I'm 68 year young masters' lifter. I'll be using your "12 Weeks" program for equipped bench training since it has worked very well for me in the past. Can Minimalist be adapted for training squat and deadlift equipped? Thanks as always for taking your time to provide your advice and expertise.


Hi Joe,

Itís always good to hear from you. I hope youíre doing well. Thank you for purchasing the Minimalist Method ebook.

Although I plan to eventually write an equipped version of the Minimalist Method, you could easily apply the current raw Method to equipped lifting, especially with single ply. The reps on the main movements go as high as 5 for the the squat and deadlift, but only to triples for bench. There are quite a few lifters already applying it to their single ply training with great success.

Hereís how you could apply your single ply gear to the main movements:

Weeks 1-6- Raw or Straps Down (You would want to adjust your projected max accordingly if you opt to train raw. It may even be ideal to train raw the first 3, then straps down for the next 3).

Weeks 7-12 or 15 (12 for off season training, 15 includes meet prep)- Straps Up

Week 16 (deload)- Straps Down

Week 17- Meet

You could wear your shirt for the board work on the bench day.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you need any more information.


Thanks for the question,
Brian Schwab

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