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1/25/2015 6:48:48 PM - Clay
I'm a wrestler, and am just starting BJJ. What would you focus on in grip work? I've got to be able to grip the cloth of a gi, but also able to grip arms, etc. for no-gi. Most matches are at least ten minutes long, so I'll need some endurance, but I also want a ridiculously powerful grip. I'm not the biggest guy, and probably have smaller than average hands.

Also will the Friday technique videos be making a reappearance at some point? Thanks JL.


You will be good at BJJ if you are a solid wrestler. The hardest part is getting comfortable on your back, which is so counterintuitive to wrestling.

Your matches will only be 5 minutes as a white belt. You don't get 10 min matches until you are a black belt.

For Gi grip doing lots of towel or Gi pull-ups are great. For arms nothing beats fat grip or fat bar work. Remember that grip is like any other strength, train for strength with low reps, train for endurance with high reps or time.

The Friday technique videos will make a comeback, I just need to get my new general manager in place and I'll be set to get them coming again.

good luck w/BJJ, it's tons of fun,
JL Holdsworth

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