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1/26/2015 7:33:19 PM - Kris Fischer
Hey guys, just looking for a form check on my deadlift and squat. Thanks a lot.


Overall, you look really good, here are a couple of things I saw.

On the deadlift, you're dropping your head just before lockout. This might be why you had a small stutter at the top of your pull. Try to keep your chin up until the bar is absolutely locked out. Otherwise you risk an up-and-down motion at the top that would result in a red light.

As for the squat, You have a bit of a dive-bomb style that can be a little hit or miss. I usually advise my clients to break the hips a little more deliberately at the start of the lift, picking up some speed as you descend. This will help you stay in your groove.

It also looks like you are squatting a bit lower than necessary, but I don't have a good enough view in this video to say for sure.

Oh, and you're not wearing any gear. Kidding... kind of.

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Dave Kirschen

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