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1/25/2015 7:37:59 PM - Talla
Hi guys just did this deadlift couple days ago it's 200kg 440lb I've missed the lock out and I think my butt came up too high to early
I was wondering if you could give me a couple of tips on what to work on(accessories work ) or technical mistake guideline
I have been using 531 and I'm really happy with the progress but I know I'm missing a lot of technical point that could help me lift more
Here is the link to the video

As always thank you for your time you guys are a true inspiration


Thanks for the video and glad you are enjoying the progress you are making with 5/3/1.

When I watched your video, I saw what you meant by your hips coming up too high. I think your starting position looked really solid, I wouldn't change anything from that aspect. What I would do however, is take a big breath at the top before you go down to grab the bar. Even though you aren't wearing a belt, this pressure should sit in your stomach and give you something to brace against and stay tight.

When you break the ground, think about pushing your feet into the ground and driving your head back. Also ensure that your lats are tight so that you can keep the bar locked into place.

That should help keep you in position as you break the ground and get to knee level. Then all you need to do is bring your hips to the bar by squeezing your glutes.

As for some accessory work that would benefit you, here are some ideas based upon this video:

More hamstring work - glute ham raises, back extensions/GHH, reverse hyper, leg curls, band good mornings, cable pull throughs.

Supplemental movement - rack/block pulls 2-3 inches off the floor, snatch grip RDL's.

I also noticed you were wearing weightlifting shoes. I would ditch these so you can load your hamstrings better and prevent you from tipping forward (this looked to be your main issue).

Hope these tips can clean up some of these issues, as it looks like 450 is right there!

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Best of Luck,
Brandon Smitley

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