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1/30/2015 12:39:45 PM - Jesse R.
Jim, I have used 5/3/1 since August 2008. I love the principles and have had great success. I recently bumped up to Beyond 5/3/1 this past July and continued to have great success except for the deadlift. I think it is too much volume for me(I'm 42). Would you recommend going back to basic 5/3/1 for just deadlift? Or having a deload type deadlift day every other deadlift day? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thx!


I do think that's a good idea - you can experiment a bit with the TM too. Remember the TM is a training tool, not a tool to measure your penis - so don't be afraid to do what is necessary to raise your pull.

The best part of training is working through problems - years of work and struggle to hit the PR. So don't worry if the answer doesn't present itself right away. Work a bit, evaluate and keep trying.

Training is like parenting - it's really easy when it's going great: when your kid is an All-American and on the Dean's List.

But what about when your kid is an outcast or your teenage daughter gets pregnant, fails out of school, or (gasp!) your son comes out of the closet - that's when you earn your stripes as a parent. Losers bail on their kids or hide behind misguided principles believed to be "moral".

In training, you earn your stripes by working (not quitting) when shit hits the fan. I recognize your name so I know you got what it takes - just be patient as every failure puts you one step closer.

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