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1/26/2015 9:30:37 AM - Rod
I can't seem to clean and press a keg in one motion. The clean part feels easy but i stall out when I try to transition into the press. Hvae you heard of this before?

Without actually seeing you do it, it sounds like you are either not getting the keg moving fast enough on the initial drive from the lapped position, or your body position is limiting you through a lack of hip extension or being too upright. In order to do any event in one motion, whether it is keg, log, atlas stone, tire, etc, you need to be explosive. I have seen a lot of people in strongman, especially guys (or girls) who are stronger on static events and have below average hip mobility, who think they are moving as fast as possible, but their fast is really slow as crap. If this is the case, you need to work on speed of movement with lighter weights. A lot. The best way to tell if you are moving faster is to either get someone who can analyze your movement speed by watching or to take video of yourself and compare it each time you train to see if you are faster. If you are fast, but still not getting it, then you may be stopping your hip drive coming out of your lap short of full extension/hyperextension in which case, keep pushing your hips forward until they don't go forward anymore (i.e. hump it into submission), or lean back more as the keg comes up from your lap so you are sort of rolling it up your torso, and as it reaches your shoulders and you start to transition into the press, then get your head and shoulders back under the keg by moving forward into a more upright position. If you can post video on facebook, instagram, youtube, etc and send me a link then I can be more specific on where the problem is.

Do the Humpty hump,
Andy Deck

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