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1/26/2015 10:57:49 AM - John

I'm so excited that you liked my "linebacker" question enough to write a whole article about it! I appreciate it so much. That's exactly how I want to train, like an athlete. If looking and performing like a football player is your goal, why not train like one. Forget body part splits, right?!

Matt, I love the 3 day plan but if you don't mind, how would you spread this work out program into a 4 day upper/lower split out of curiosity? Equipment constraints I have make it easier to divide the two.

Again, thank you brother!

Monday - Heavy Squat
Tuesday - Heavy Bench
Thursday - Heavy Hang Clean and Rep/Speed Squat
Friday - Rep/Speed Bench

Fill in the blanks with assistance work. Again, the reason I like the 3 day split is because that's how an athlete's body works during competition. Every time they play it's a full body experience. But, 4 days works fine.

Matt Rhodes

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